Inflatable Paddle Board Under $400 Too Good To Be True
Inflatable Paddle Board Under $400! Too Good To Be True?
March 30, 2017

The Things I Love About Taking Photographs


They Say A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Every once and a while as my camera shutter snaps another shot and I look down to see the preview I instantly know this picture is going to be something I look back on for years to come. Pictures bring my mind back to a place and time that is unforgettable to me. Sometimes these snapshots of time end up being visually appealing to other people. For me, creating memories for other people to look back at is an amazing thing and worth everything to me. To the right you can see a meaningful photo to me. This is my Grandmother in the middle on her 95th birthday with her two sisters. All in their 90's. This is an example of how photos can capture a moment to last forever.
When an old friend comes into town with their adorable kid,
you have to snap some pictures to solidify this moment for years to come.
A weekend away with the wife hiding out in nature, staring at the stars for countless hours and sleeping in our tent. It's nights like these you don't want to forget!
Going to Vegas seeing a friend for the first time after he moved away 7 years ago! Hiking through the valley of fire and seeing your favorite band kind of memories
Sometimes when you meet cool people having a camera is your best friend! I also would not have been able to meet some of my favorite musicians or stand this close to Chino Moreno from Deftones without the opportunity carrying a camera around brings
Seriously, taking pictures of stuff means the world to me. I love capturing and sharing snapshots of my experiences and sharing them with the world. Life is short and time flies by all of us. Stopping every once and a while to snap a picture helps to ensure our experiences never leave us. Some people say you need to stop and smell the flowers but I say stop and take a picture. Anyways it will last longer than that flower you are smelling.

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