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A true modern day renaissance man, Gunther's skill set is full of surprises. Some of his accomplishments include being a published Apple Developer, creative director of Wheelers Weekend Jams, photographed dozens of concerts and festivals including Warped Tour and Riot Fest, website developer, photographer, video filming and editor. He has also been creating music for sixteen years. A man who wears many hats but always stays humble.


Developing my photographic portfolio always leads to exciting new adventures. My favorite part of pictures is seeing their value increase in time. Seeing an old picture brings back so many memories, no wonder most people say "a picture is worth thousand words"

Video Editing

Running a YouTube channel for the last three years I have learned a lot about the video industry and its impact on marketing. I am very capable of creating lasting video productions of your events. I could also help you grow your YouTube channel and market your videos the best way.

App Development

I am a published Apple Developer. I have an entire team I could put on your app idea and turn it into a reality! The quickest way to turn your app idea into a working project is to outsource the work to people who do. Don't hesitate to email me and we can sign a confidentiality agreement and then you could pitch me your idea!


June 17, 2017

The Things I Love About Taking Photographs

March 30, 2017
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Inflatable Paddle Board Under $400! Too Good To Be True?

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March 29, 2017

How To Replace Mac Mini Ram In Under 60 Seconds

February 16, 2017

Why I Love My Fujian 35mm 1.6 CCTV Lens With Sample Photos

When I was debating buying this tiny little lens to throw on my Sony Nex-7 I was a bit hesitant. I looked all over the interwebs […]