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November 1, 2016

The Willowbrook Ballroom Fire of 2016

In the afternoon of October 28th 2016 I witnessed a huge smoke cloud pouring west of Willow Springs Rd. Oh no! Could it be Rowell Chemical?? The Irish Legend? I had to find out, so I grabbed my camera and headed over there.

Facebook rumors began swirling around that it was The Willowbrook Ballroom. "It couldn't be" I thought. I was horrified to walk up to this iconic building amidst a ball of fire. I filmed this video that day.

I also went back the next day only to see an entire swarm of people surrounding the structure in a memorial of sorts. The cars crawled by as people took cell phone pictures out of their windows. I took a series of photos and sorted them into a short video. As you will see you can see through the entire building. Its pretty much gone besides the brick. The second time this property has burnt down. We can only hope an even greater structure can be built out of its ashes and create as many new memories as the old building created!

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