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November 1, 2016
Why I Love My Fujian 35mm 1.6 CCTV Lens With Sample Photos
February 16, 2017

What does it look like to smash stuff at 30,000 frames a second? It’s mesmerizing.

Incredible stuff.

This YouTuber Warped Perception has a wicked 30,000 frames per second camera and smashes all kinds of awesome stuff leaving us with some incredible visuals. Take a look at what smashing a crystal ball looks like at 30,000 frames a second!

In another video we see what a giant jawbreaker looks like being smashed at this incredible frame rate!

Guys, I could literally sit here all day and watch this guy’s videos. The lighting is well done, the music spot on. I really enjoy this man’s YouTube channel. He has my mouth watering with this next one…Honey! Pop some corn I’m starving now!

I hope you have enjoyed these amazing videos!

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